About Us

Hard floors are slowly becoming the newest obsession of everyone. And we must say – they are rapidly replacing carpets.
Our company has been around for a long time but we have never had as many bookings as now. A lot of people saw how many benefits a hard floor has compared to carpets.

Not only does it look much better, brings elegance and sophistication to your home but it also keeps heat in the house for longer (which is so important for those cold days), especially when you have a fireplace.

Our team is on the smaller side. We are 13 people – some are in the customer service and others are the cleaners. Both of each group had undergone through special training that was put together for them. This really insured us – the owners, that they are reliable, skillful, knowledgeable and most importantly – capable to undertake even the most challenging properties. And guess what – we can reassure you they are even more than that.

Almost all of our clients are usually so impressed with our customer care agents. They are polite, kind and will help you no matter what. From answering all of your questions regarding the service, the cleaning process to planning your cleaning, giving you a quote and booking you.
Of course, they have worked in our team for so long that we can say they are a part of our family.

We use modern and powerful equipment – mainly a buffing rotary machine was depending on the surface they are going to clean, our technicians add specific pads underneath.

Sometimes, when polishing, our cleaners will use a steamer which applies the polish much faster and smoother.

The detergents we use are different and vary depending on the surface. For example, the products we use when sealing floors might be water-based varnish or hard-wax oil, again, depending on the surface.

All of the products, equipment, and cleaning methods we use and apply are industry approved and additionally, Hardfloor Cleaning London approved. What do we mean? Throughout the years we have tried different techniques and tools, and we only offer our customers the ones that work the best and are efficient.