We are Hardfloor Cleaning London. For those of you who have decided to switch from a carpet to hard floor – an excellent choice. For those of you that have never had a carpet in their home and were always riding the new wave of the hard floor – even better. The benefits of hard floor are countless.

  • Easier maintenance
    Yes, taking care of your hard floor is much easier than carpet. Not that much dirt, dust, bacteria is accumulated and stored on a hard floor as well as the cleaning is easier – a simple vacuum every day and a weekly mopping will go a long way.
  • Increased property value
    Did you know that a property has a much higher value when it has hard flooring? Usually, buyers view homes with these types of floors as much more sophisticated and rich.
  • Makes any property much more elegant
    Compare a home with carpets and a home with hardwood flooring. See the difference? It’s unexplainable but the way hardwood changes the appearance and the feel of a home is undeniably mesmerizing.
  • Keeps the warmth of the home
    This is especially for the ones that have a fireplace. Hard floors keep the warmth for longer making it perfect for those cold winter days.

Our team can offer your three very important services for the maintenance of your hard floor.

– Sealing Floor Cleaning Service
Briefly, this service will leave you with protected shiny floors. With the help of a mash pad, we will remove the previous layer of sealant. Then we will apply a cleaning solution with which all of the dirt and bacteria that are on the floor will be removed. The last part is spraying a sealant. You can read the process in debt about the service here.
– Polishing Floor Cleaning Service
With this service, we will either polish or repolish your flooring. What does polish do? It protects the floor plus it makes it shiny again. And the whole charm of hardwood floors is their shine.
Our team will come, fully prepared and equipped, and will clean the surface. Then, with the help of a stripping solution and a rotary machine, they will remove the previous layer of polish. There are some other steps after that following with the last and most important one – applying the new layer of polish. You can read more about this service here.
– Regular Rotary Cleaning Service
For those of you who do not need sealing or polishing – we can offer you a simple regular rotary deep clean. Sometimes your floors still need a professional to take care of them and deep clean them. Regardless if you vacuum them on a daily basis.
How will we clean them? With the help of our rotary machines, our special detergents and, of course, the knowledge and skill of our technicians.

Let us bring back the life of your floors

  • We will come fully equipped and prepared
  • Our equipment and detergents are all industry approved
  • We are skilled, knowledgeable, fully trained and professional
  • We value our customers’ time and we are always on time for a booking
  • We have a flexible schedule
  • We work on weekends and holidays with no extra charge